Thursday, 6 August 2009

How to profit from affiliate marketing.....

A few pointers on how to make money with affiliate marketing...

* Make sure your website is linked properly internally before you submit your site to the search engines. If for example, you have five pages of content, place a link to all five pages on every web page so the search engine robot can navigate between pages easily. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run as your pages will be indexed quickly. If the crawler cannot find its way from page 3 to page 5 and has to go through the root directory (index page) to get to page 5 then it will leave and come back a long time later. Now what would be the point in that! A useful website to use to check all your pages are linked internally would be If your site has under 500 pages this service will be free.

* Inbound linking is very important in getting you organic (free) traffic to your site. A way to generate good traffic to your website would be to get backlinks from other related sites with a page rank higher then yours. Google ( or any search engine for that matter) considers a backlink from a related site with a high page rank like a good recommendation and therefore will give your site more weight and credibility... I personally consider one way links to better then exchanging links. You do not necessarily have to pay to get this done! There are several article directories that you can submit your articles to with a link back to your website (whether you are promoting merchants/CPA offers it doesn't matter)

* When you are getting a link back to your site whether it is from another related site or a blog or an article directory, use anchor text to send the backlink! and as many popular related keywords in the content of the article as you can get away with (but it has to make sense otherwise it is just spam)

* When choosing a merchant to promote check demand and also competition, google has an excellent keyword tool to do this: Try and indentify niche products although this may be hard work and slightly time-consuming, this is where the gold chest is.

*Text link banners have been proven to have a higher click through rate then image banners.

*Avoid the use of frames and drop down menus as this makes it difficult for bots to crawl your site.

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading...